How it works

Congratulations! You're on and that means that you're about to become reach very soon if only you won't miss your chance. is the best fair and fast investment platform on bitcoins that take care about own users and give them daily income for whole life. is very simple and clear. An user make an investment (buy stocks) thereby he gets right to take a part of further investments. This investment divides between all users depending on how many stocks each user has. The more stocks user got the more share he take. Any user possessing stocks will get income forever.

Especially for those who doesn’t have opportunities to invest their funds, we provided the possibility to participate in our project without deposits. Those are our faucet and affiliate program.

Faucet gives you 1 stock which is equivalent to 100 satoshi every day

Affiliate program accrues 2.5% of all income of your referrals.

The formula and simple example:

Profit = Investment * (User Stocks / Total Stocks)

Profit - User's income from each investment
Investment - Amount of user's investment
User Stocks - User's Stocks to whom income accrues
Total Stocks - Total Stocks of all users

User's share from each investment equals to user's stocks divided to all other user's stocks. 1 stocks equals to 0.00000100. Thus when a user buys 1000000 stocks for 1 BTC when all stocks equals to 3000000 then all assets becomes 4000000. The invested bitcoin divides between all users according to their shares. After that the share of the user becomes 25%. That means that the user will get 25% of the further investment then shares of each user recalculates. Received funds could be reinvested or instantly withdrawn.

Minimal investment is 0.00000100 BTC. Minimal withdrawal is 0.00001000 BTC.